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Reflexology and Ionic FootBath Testimonials – 

“Reflexology is a wonderful thing for people with gout, diabetics, arthritis and pain issues. This massages your body and makes you feel wonderful when finished. The foot baths are not only soothing and massaging to your sore feet, this process draws or pulls the toxins out of your body through electrical impulses and salt. This is wonderful for those people with gout as it pulls the uric acid out.  It relieves swollen ankles and helps keep your toes feeling good for the diabetic as well!”  
RG = Georgia


Raindrop Therapy and Reflexology Testimonials –

“Raindrop Therapy – it is very relaxing, soothing, comforting.  Susan has a very mild, sensitive touch.  The oils she uses smell great too!”

RB = Leesburg, VA

Reflexology Testimonials – 
“I was seen by Susan for a full body reflexology session recently.  I had a strained muscle In my lower back at the time that had bothered me for 2 days.  After the session my back pain was completely gone, and has not returned since.  I recommend this treatment for overall health, but also for muscle tension  and discomfort.  It was a wonderful experience. “
KS – Tuscaloosa  AL