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Reflexology – includes:  feet, hands & ears – 75 min

History of Reflexology   Reflexology History

Reflexology is noninvasive, healing technique and is also known to help with stress and relaxtion.  It is also supported by hundreds of studies, see Reflexology Research.
The American Academy of Reflexology is also a great source:  American Academy of Reflexology.

How is massage different from reflexology?  Massage is generally done on the whole body, while reflexology is only done on the feet, ears or hands, and all organs can be accessed using these organs.  It uses similar energy meridians, as in acupuncture, however it is noninvasive and, you only have to remove your shoes and socks.

Benefits of reflexology include:  less stress, more relaxation, less pain, and more!  

S Grimes Reflexology and Reiki pamphlet